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Welcome to the Kings Tale Wiki

Kings Tale is a browser game based in the medivial age. No installation is necessary for playing Kings Tale and it is free to play. A short overview on Kings Tale is to be found here: The world of Kings Tale. In this Wiki you can find all kind of information on Kings Tale and a detailed Instruction. If your new to the game it's recommended to visit Getting started. To play Kings Tale just click on the Link below, you will be forewarded to the game portal.


Getting started:

Kingstale knight.jpg
  1. Getting started and the Tutorial
  2. How to get your Village running
  3. Setting up an Army
  4. Choose an Attitude

Explore the world

  1. Explore and Challenge with your Hero
  2. Raid, swap and capture with your armies
  3. Use your Influence
  4. Trade with other players
  5. Hire some Mercenaries

The power of the Alliance

  1. The foundation of an alliance
  2. Start diplomatic relationsships
  3. Go on a crusade

Advanced playing

  1. Advance the ranks
  2. Face the armies of the Black Empress
  3. Become Noble
  4. Use the Extrafeatures
Special topics

Quick Help

Game mechanics

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